First appointment:

Book your first appointment on (07) 34115445.  If you are being bulk billed you will incur no additional gap fee.  In general this means that you can attend up to 10 session per year and it is essentially free.  You will be provided with a date and a time for your appointment.  A sms will be automatically sent to you 24hrs before to remind you of your appointment.  Please bring any documentation including a mental health care plan to the first session.  Your GP may fax the health care plan ahead of time.  Without a valid mental health care plan the full fee of $160 is applied.  GP’s will often fax the health care plan beforehand to avoid patients forgetting to bring the correct paperwork on the day.

A appointment fee is applied if cancellation occurs within 24 hours.

Mental health care plan:

To receive a rebate from Medicare your GP must issue a mental health care plan.  You simply book an appointment with your GP and they will assess your suitability.  The health care plan can be faxed to (07) 3112 5066 or handed over during the first session.  This referral will be typically valid for 6 sessions.  Dr Sykes sends a report to your GP to your GP at the end of these six sessions summarising the progress of the treatment.  This is a Medicare requirement and permits your GP to assess if further Medicare sessions will be permitted.  A further 4 sessions may be granted for the year.