ANXIETY & OCD specialist

Dr Mark Sykes


Anxiety is a very common issue and it can impact people at work and at home.  Yet there is a standard psychological treatment for anxiety that is effective for many people.  The treatment is designed to last only 10 sessions and is fully funded by Medicare.  Each treatment session is highly structured and each will take 50 minutes.  Common forms of anxiety that respond well to this standard treatment include worry, social anxiety and generalised anxiety disorder (GAD).  It is common for people with anxiety to also have some depression and the treatment tends to improve both the anxiety and depression.  You will need to get a mental health care plan from your GP.


Obsessive compulsive disorder or simply OCD is a relatively common.  People with OCD frequently find that they have thoughts or habits that interrupt daily home and work activities.  It many cases these thoughts and behaviours are designed to give the person with OCD a sense of control and safety.  These good feelings may only last for a brief spell and are quickly replaced with fear.  Partners, children and workmates may be dragged into the OCD problem and it will frequently get worse unless treated.  Moderate to severe forms of OCD are best supported with medication from a psychiatrist and counselling from a psychologist.  Dr Sykes uses cognitive behavioural therapy to treat OCD.  Please ring for an appointment when you have a mental healthcare plan from your GP.

Bulk Billed Psychology

Expert support for anxiety, OCD and hoarding can be difficult to find.  Medicare permits all patients to be treated for up to ten sessions per year.  For those holding a commonwealth concession card or are in extreme financial hardship then bulk billing is available.  In special circumstances home visits can be arranged.  

If you need support then phone (07) 34115445 to make an appointment with Dr Mark Sykes in Brisbane.